Our Mission
Arizona Cultural Academy is an Islamic private school, which promotes excellence in academic, religious, and behavioral education; and offers a comprehensive balanced program to enhance the learners’ potentials and skills to raise upright, tolerant, and law-abiding citizens to be leaders of the future.

Our Vision

- To promote moral values based on the authentic teachings of Islam.
- To promote high standards of youth education as measured by National Achievement Tests.
- To integrate Islamic, Arabic, and NCA (academic accreditation) mandated academics in a comprehensive curriculum.
- To emphasize responsibility and self-reliance.
- To teach interfaith tolerance, respect, and harmony.
- To promote sharing and cooperation across socio-economic levels, and to create a model for multi-cultural communities.
- To provide positive reinforcement for our youth through healthy sports and social programs.

All ACA core academic teachers are AZ-DOE certified. In order to ensure that our teachers perform at the top of their potential, the Arizona Cultural Academy has included in its budget a teacher certification incentive.

We are accredited by Advanced Ed


General Information
Student enrollment usually starts on March 15 for new students and January for existing students. Registration and tuition payment must be completed by May 15th in order to take advantage of special discounts.

Student registration resumes July 6th of every year.

Applying To ACA
In order to apply to Arizona Cultural Academy please In order to apply to Arizona Cultural Academy please click Here to go to the Online Registration page and fill out the necessary forms. After submitting the forms administration will be notified and the process of registration will start.

Actual enrollment requires an appointment with the ACA Front Desk registrar. At that time
- All paperwork must be completed
- All prior tuition paid
- A check covering registration fee and minimal two months tuition must accompany the paper work.

How to Apply
The following information is needed for all students to enroll at Arizona Cultural Academy:

- Completed Application Form (Click here) to accesss the application forms page.
- Copy of the Student's Birth Certificate
- Signed Authorization for Emergency Medical Attention
- Copy of the Student's Immunization Record
- Doctor's Statement of the Student's Health Record
- Signed Tuition plan contract
- Signed Acceptance of Rules and Regulations Outlined in the Parent's Handbook

For transferring students, the following documents are required as well:

- Report Cards (for transferring students)
- Permission for Transfer of Records (transferring students)

You can download the school Tuition Computation Table as well as the Registration Balance Sheet and Financial Responsibility below.

Tuition Computation Table

Sponsorship Program
ACA parents are eligible to apply to two Arizona scholarship funds for their children

Your child may be eligible for both;

1. ASF: Arizona Scholarship Fund

2. ASCT: Arizona school Choice Trust

For more information please visit scholarship page.

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